Fun Ways to Spice Up a Book Review!

IMG_20180113_071418When browsing blogs, Goodreads or any other bookish platforms, you see all different types of reviews. I absolutely adore seeing all the various ways bloggers write their reviews, reading them is also really fun!

I see many bloggers who dislike writing book reviews as they find it mundane.  Whereas, there are other bloggers who enjoy writing them!  So, I compiled this list to help bloggers who don’t look forward to writing book reviews or just bloggers who want to spice things up a little.

I, myself, am somewhat in the middle — I enjoy both reading and writing book reviews, however, at times I find the writing side somewhat repetitive and unexciting.



img_20180113_021405923648603.png▪ This review style is possibly the simplest yet fun.  You just create a bullet list containing things you enjoyed about the book, your feelings and your thoughts about the novel.
– You can also add a ‘my overall thoughts’ short paragraph at the end, just to summarise.


▪ I love lists!  Lists are fun!  Yet another simple, exciting way to write a review.
– You can also do a short summary at the bottom of this too.

IMG_20180113_021605▪ Exciting!  Just 5 points to persuade the reader to give the book a whirl!  Sounds like a lot of fun to write.

IMG_20180113_021739▪ I see a lot of these on Goodreads and find them really amusing to read, they also seem very entertaining to write too!

IMG_20180113_021834▪ This is where you split the review into two parts — 1 for people who haven’t read the book, to get a taste of whether they would enjoy it and 2 for people who have read the book, and want to discuss fangirl over the spoiler related points.

IMG_20180113_021945▪ Much like the standard review style, however, a little easier for readers to digest with the subheadings to mark what each paragraph is about.
You could use subheadings such as plot, word building, characters, writing, etc.


So, that brings me to the end of my list. I will definitely be using some of these ideas for my upcoming reviews!



8 thoughts on “Fun Ways to Spice Up a Book Review!

  1. Wonderful post 🙂 saving it and sharing it this weekend on my wrapup! I agree with you totally. I had this problem at one point, and then I changed up my review style to the ‘5 reasons’ and not is it just so much easier to write, but I think it’s easier to read too. Great advice 🙂

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  2. I like to mix it up to keep it fresh for myself. I post 4 reviews a week – one long form, 3 shorter ones that I call “In a Nutshell Reviews”. The longer ones will take what every form I fancy at the moment. Nutshell reviews are always intro, bulleted pro/con list, short “overall” statement. My favorite review was a 3 gif and 3 quotes review. I had a ton of fun doing it, though I have not done it again. I should. Great post!

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